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As you relax and unwind for a perfect holiday at Anasa Wellness Resort, get to know how you can spend your holiday with us. From things to do in the hill country to places to visit, read and explore the island with our guided blogs to make your holiday extra special and unforgettable.

The Best National Parks To Visit in Sri Lanka

When you think of the best national parks to visit in Sri Lanka, you would initially think of Yala National Park or Minneriya...

The Ultimate Guide to your Wildlife Tour in Sri Lanka

With nearly 30 National Parks located around the tropical island paradise of Sri Lanka..

The Ultimate Guide to your Sri Lanka Road Trip

The idea of renting a car and setting off into the horizon on your own personal adventure is a timelessexperience when looking for the ultimate holiday...

The Ramayana Tour: Exploring The Story of Rama & Sita in Sri Lanka

The story of The Ramayana or Rama’s Journey- the epic tale of Rama and Sita, is India’s first great Sanskrit poem...

Bird Watching Tours & Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations in the world for bird watching tours and holidays.

The Best Beaches in Sri Lanka to Visit in 2022

Sri Lanka, or paradise island as most refer to it, has a coastline of golden beaches, that neighbour pristine blue waters.

Ultimate Top 7 Hiking & Trekking Trails in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is famous for its golden-sand beaches, diverse weather conditions, rugged mountain ranges, ..

A Guide to Hot Air Ballooning in Sri Lanka

Experience the beauty and magic of Paradise Island, as you take a private Hot Air Balloon ride over Sri Lanka.

Cultural Hotspots not to be missed in Sri Lanka

There are those who think of Sri Lanka and imagine tropical beaches, and others who think
of misty mountains - and both would be correct...

Your Guide to the Diyaluma Falls - Awe Inspiring & Majestic

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, and very little epitomises the magic of the tropics like a majestic waterfall! The Diyaluma Falls are the second tallest waterfall in the country, and visiting it is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Pidurangala Rock - A Guide to Hiking the Lesser Known Sigiriya!

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, or have even just started searching for inspiration on the internet, there is a very high probability that you have found stunning images of Sigiriya Rock.

The Ella Odyssey Train - A rail experience not to be missed!

The recently launched Ella Odyssey is a new luxury train service, which operates daily between Kandy and Ella. This train will give tourists to the country a comfortable and luxurious way to enjoy one of the world's most scenic train routes.

All You Need to Know if You’re Travelling to Sri Lanka From Europe!

As Europe begins to lift pandemic restrictions, holidays are becoming a reality again...

Must See Nature and Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a true paradise for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. From countless birds in
Minneriya, to endemic beautiful plants, to majestic elephants in their natural environment, you will
truly be spoiled for choice.

Places To Visit in Badulla For A Fulfilling Vacation in Sri Lanka

For those travelling to Sri Lanka, Badulla might not be a destination you are familiar with, but we are here to enlighten you! Badulla is the capital of Sri Lanka’s Uva Province and it has a rich history...

The Gloriously Scenic Kandy to Ella train Journey

The phrase ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’ could have been made for the incredibly scenic Kandy to Ella train journey. Of course, Ella is a wonderful destination but it is not often that a mode of transportation is an attraction in itself...

Splendidly Sustainable Travel to Sri Lanka

Sustainable travel is a global movement, and Sri Lanka should be top of your list as a sustainable travel destination! This article will show you how…

Exploring the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a relatively tiny island, but she is an absolute giant in terms of historical and cultural heritage.

Sri Lanka - your next destination for eco-friendly travel

The tropical isle of Sri Lanka awaits you, filled with eco-friendly travel options - and we have got the best tips just for you!

​​Sri Lanka in our ‘new normal’ world

To say that life as we know it has changed would certainly be the understatement of the century! The consequences of the global pandemic have confined a large part of the world....

Guide to Nine Arch Bridge - Everything You Need to Know

Sri Lanka is a charming little island, plenty of remarkable attractions and appeals. The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is rich with many delightful places to see...

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Hike to World's End - A Must do When in the Hill Country

Sri Lanka is a wonderful little island with tonnes of remarkable attractions and appeals. It is known to be one of the best travel destinations in the world...

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Hike up to Diyaluma Falls - 2nd Highest Waterfall in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island with hidden pockets of adventure everywhere you go. The Hill Country of Sri Lanka especially is resplendent with glistening waterfalls...

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How to make dishes from garden fresh vegetables - A Guide for Beginners

So many people all over the world are becoming more aware of the dangers of consuming produce that has not been manufactured organically. The harmful pesticides...

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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverages ever. Tea is a healthy beverage offering a number of great benefits to drinkers. Assisting in the prevention of certain types of cancer...

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Planning A Wellness Holiday - Things to Keep in Mind

In this day and age, when busyness is the norm and people rarely have time to even take a moment to rest and relax, wellness becomes a very important concept...

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Things to do in Ella

Ella is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the paradise island of Sri Lanka. If you are planning to explore this little town in Hill Country of Sri Lanka...

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Discovering the Bliss of Yoga in Sri Lanka: Why It's a Must-Visit Destination

Yoga Therapy is the application of yoga to the healing process. According to widely available research, yoga can reduce your blood pressure and other physical signs of stress...

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Escape to the Great Outdoors: Sri Lanka's Picnic Park Guide

Sri Lanka is home to a variety of lush green picnic parks and gardens, each with its own unique history, beautiful scenery, and mesmerizing flora and fauna.

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Exploring nature’s miracle constructs: A look at Sri Lanka's stunning Reservoirs & Lakes

The world has an abundance of breathtaking lakes and intriguing reservoirs, but Sri Lanka probably has the most visited waterbodies in the world.

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Meditation and Mindfulness in Sri Lanka: Finding Inner Peace in a Serene Surrounding

Meditation and mindfulness offer the benefits of improved mental and physical well-being, increased focus and concentration, increased self-awareness and clarity of thought, reduced stress levels, enhanced emotional intelligence, and fostered inner peace.

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Preserving Paradise: An exploration of Sri Lanka's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage sites are sites that are deemed to have outstanding universal value and are considered to be of immense importance to the collective heritage of humanity, in terms of cultural or natural significance.

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Surfing in Sri Lanka: A Guide to the best Surf Breaks & Spots in Sri Lanka

Whether you're looking for a mellow, longboard wave or a fast, barreling shortboard break, Sri Lanka has something to offer.

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