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Achieve That Perfect Balance

Our comprehensive yoga studio, which includes wall and aerial yoga allows you to practice various forms of this ancient art. We offer you a holistic wellness experience during your stay in our luxury resort.


Our various types of yoga will help you achieve that balance between your mind and body.

Healing Nature

Breathe in the fresh mountain air that will heal and calm your senses.

Open Spaces

Spacious settings in our resort and yoga pavilion allows you to be free as you stretch.

Modern Facilities

The hybrid yoga studio combines facilities that allow you to practice yoga.

Yoga Master

Practice yoga with our experienced yoga masters and internationally trained therapists.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or it’s your first time, our inhouse yoga masters will guide you through the art of yoga. Find your centre and perfect that balance as you try out the different types of yoga.

Unite your mind and body as the sun sets and rises on the island.

Nidra yoga allows you to achieve the deepest state of relaxation while being completely conscious.

A preventative and restorative yoga practice that aims to heal and prevent various ailments.

Restorative yoga is known for its healing, calming and relaxing effects on the human body.

This unique type of yoga combines traditional poses with pilates and dance with the use of a silk hammock.

Wall yoga is beneficial to everyone, comprising of suspended ropes to help practice your yoga poses with confidence.

Special offers

Our special offers have been carefully created to ensure you get the best experience with us.