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Nine Arch Bridge

A Colonial-Era Engineering Masterpiece

Stroll along the ancient rail tracks leading up to the famous engineering marvel, the Nine Arch Bridge. The 100-year old bridge is located between Demodara and Ella rail stations.

Half Day Excursion

The Nine Arch Bridge is less than a 40-minute drive from our resort. A short hike from Ella Railway Station through narrow downhill paths, the bridge is a must-visit. Built by P.K. Appuhami, a Ceylonese constructor, the bridge is made entirely of stone and cement and is a great example of a colonial-era railway structure in Sri Lanka.

Total Length of the Bridge

The Nine Arch Bridge measures to a total length of 91.44 m (300 feet).

Total Height of the Bridge

The bridge stands at a height of 24.38 m (80 feet).

Number of Arches

Made of stone and concrete, the bridge has nine arches.

Travel Distance

The bridge is located 2.5 km from Anasa Wellness Resort.

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