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​​Sri Lanka in our ‘new normal’ world

To say that life as we know it has changed would certainly be the understatement of the century! The consequences of the global pandemic have confined a large part of the world to the four walls of their homes. We all live(d) in a state of uncertainty – when and how would this ‘new normal’ begin?

We are truly thrilled that Sri Lanka can now welcome you back to her idyllic beaches, stunning mountains and much more – with open arms (and masks)!


The ‘Island in the Sun’ – Sri Lanka

Ushering in 2022 has brought with it a glimmer of hope, as the world together moves forward to embrace the ‘new normal’ and our global village can once more begin reconnecting. Sri Lanka is world renowned for its exceptional hospitality, diverse landscape and heritage sites, so it comes as no surprise that the island is a haven for international travellers from all corners of the globe.
Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry continues to prove itself as a pillar of strength, and source of hope, to both the local community and development of the nation. Our little paradise island, Sri Lanka, has been forced to be very resilient for many decades – and it’s this spirit of the country which leaves its visitors with memories to cherish forever. Here’s what you have to look forward to when you travel to Sri Lanka, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Call of the Wild!

Home to some of the most diverse flora and fauna in the world, to truly experience this country you need to marvel at its wildlife! From an ostentation of peacocks to a herd of majestic elephants, Sri Lanka offers you multiple national parks to suit every taste. Kumana National Park for example, is home to an abundance of migratory birds and for the ornithologists amongst you, we know nothing could be better! the elusive sloth bear in Yala National Park or to Minneriya National Park for the world famous elephant gatherings – we guarantee you’ll be spoilt for choice! Sri Lanka is small, so you can go from a tropical rainforest to the dry zone within hours – and this is why it’s such an excellent destination for all nature lovers.


Reconnect with your mind, body and spirit

The practice of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka dates all the way back to the 6th century BC. If we have learnt anything from the last 2 years, it is that our well-being is very interconnected, to each other but also physically and mentally. The meticulous use of herbs blended together using traditional methods and ancient practises have
been passed down for generations. Its holistic effects on the body have garnered the attention of the world, so make sure you save some time for a few authentic Ayurvedic treatments while you’re in Sri Lanka.


Surfs Up

Sri Lanka has been a hidden gem for surfers for decades, and is now gaining worldwide recognition as a year round destination for the sport. Arugam Bay is a haven for the more experienced surfers whilst beginners will have their pick of places to learn along the South Coast. Don’t expect enormous swells, but the Indian Ocean never disappoints in her delightfully warm, tropical glory. If you aren’t a surfer, don’t worry. Sitting watching your travel companions while sipping a cold beer is also perfectly acceptable!


The World beneath the Waves

The Sri Lankan beaches offer stunningly colourful sunsets, miles of white sand and picture perfect palm trees. But there is much more hiding under the water! Snorkelling (in season) is certainly a must – visit Hikkaduwa, Kirinda, Pigeon Island or Galle (just to name a few) and see the underwater spectacles up close and personal. Sri Lanka is also an excellent destination for scuba divers, and there are many historic shipwrecks for the more experienced among you to explore!


Cultural Heavyweight

Sri Lanka punches well above her size with regards to cultural significance, dating back thousands of years. This has been proven on a global level as our tiny island is home to an incredible 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress with its ancient frescoes to the Dambulla Cave Temple, and the ancient sacred cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura – you are truly spoiled for cultural choice! Wherever you are on the island, Kandy, Galle Fort, Adams Peak – you will always be close enough to explore a UNESCO site, and that is a very unique claim to fame for the tiny island of Sri Lanka.


Tea, glorious tea

Tea has long been synonymous with Sri Lanka (or Ceylon), and seeing where it is grown and produced is an experience not to be missed. A combination of the ideal landscape, perfect weather conditions and rich soil made Sri Lanka one of world’s leading exporters in tea. When you go ‘up- country’ (think between Kandy & Nuwara Eliya) you will see hillsides carpeted in neatly lined teabushes – and what a sight it is! Make sure you head to a tea factory as well to see how it goes from
the bush to our cups. If the smell of a tea factory could be bottled, we guarantee we would want it! Known as ‘green gold’, a hot cup of tea is part and parcel of Sri Lankan culture, hospitality and daily life!

Remember, as responsible global travellers, it is essential to follow all local covid regulations, as we all adjust to the new normal. So here you have just a taste of the plethora of amazing experiences waiting for you on the paradise island of Sri Lanka.

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