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Guide to Nine Arch Bridge - Everything You Need to Know

Sri Lanka is a charming little island, plenty of remarkable attractions and appeals. The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is rich with many delightful places to see. If you are planning to travel in this region make sure you prepare a great tour itinerary so you can make the most of your holiday experience in the country.


Ella is one of the most popular destinations in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. This is an enchanting town resplendent with rolling hills, cascading waterfalls and mystical valleys. There are many things to do in Ella. Among these, the iconic Nine Arch Bridge is quite special. Exploring this famous attraction is one of the best things to do here. You can get in touch with a professional tour company like Anasa to make your travel experience easier and more rewarding.


It is a photo-worthy attraction that tourists as well as locals love. It is surrounded by lush greenery and stands tall and proud across a deep gorge. If you can capture the magical moment when a train passes on this bridge, you can surely call yourself fortunate. The bridge is breathtaking in the early morning when the silver mist of the hills engulfs the scenery.


If you want to reach the Nine Arch Bridge from Ella town, you can easily hail a tuk-tuk. You have to make sure the tuk-tuk has a distance meter to avoid uncomfortable situations with the drivers. You can also opt to walk to the bridge. All you have to do is follow Ella-Passara Road and then turn left at Sri Kanesar Temple. There will be lots of signs to guide you.


You can capture the magical beauty of the bridge by exploring the bridge itself. Keep in mind that this is an active railway line, so have to watch out for trains. You can take lots of great photos as you explore the bridge. You can even opt to witness the Nine Arch Bridge from the tea fields which are in Demodara. There are lots of beautiful hills closer to the Ella Station to witness the beauty and glory of the Nine Arch Bridge. Asanka Cafe is yet another popular spot among those who like to witness the charm of this famous attraction.

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