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How to make dishes from garden fresh vegetables - A Guide for Beginners

So many people all over the world are becoming more aware of the dangers of consuming produce that has not been manufactured organically. The harmful pesticides and chemicals used in the cultivation of these produce can harm our health in many ways than one. Needless to say, the dangers these chemicals pose to the ecosystems in the region can also not be understated.


In this context, the idea of cultivating vegetable gardens become relevant. You can prepare delicious dishes with love for your whole family with everything you grow in your little garden. Read on and find out about the way in which you will be able to make delicious dishes for your loved ones using garden-fresh vegetables.


1. Know which vegetables to grow


This is the first step in the process. Seek the advice of a seasoned professional to make the most of your vegetable patch. If you are an avid gardener, growing your own vegetables will come naturally to you. But if you are new to gardening you have to take things slow. First, try to select vegetables that you will be able to grow with ease. If you are living in a tropical environment, there are specific vegetables which grow in different parts of the country. Making a vegetable patch is one of the easiest things to do in Hill Country of Sri Lanka. Low grown vegetables is the best choice if you are planning to grow vegetables in lowlands.


2. Selecting the spot


You need to make sure you select the right spot in your garden for your vegetable patch. If the plants need more sunlight, you have to make sure you select a sunny spot in the garden. Protect the garden from your pets and other pests. This is important.


If you lack garden space in the house, plant your vegetables on the rooftop or the balcony. You can select small pots for this purpose and select plants that grow well in pots. Get the help of a veteran gardener if you need assistance.


3. Tending to your vegetables


Once you have planted the seeds you have to make sure you tend to your vegetable patch with diligence. If you have children at home, this can be a great chore for them. They will love the experience of watching the vegetables they plant, grow day by day. Use organic fertilizer to get the best results. Try to water your plants well every day so they grow well.


4. Picking the vegetables


Once you see the vegetables, pick the ripe ones and prepare delicious dishes. Look for recipes you can handle with ease. Of course, you can get your children involved in the process of cooking too!


Hope the information and tips which are shared above will help you as you strive to make your little vegetable patch at home bear more produce!

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